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Contact me for questions, #bugs or inquiries on how to install, use or buy at mtpsilva@gmail.com or instead through

  • whatsApp: +32 471 632 520
  • Skype: miguel.tomas.silva1
  • Zoom: mtpsilva@gmail.com

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Contribute to Open Source with your knowledge and time

If you like open source and open data you already love this project. Aeonlabs.solutions is about developing new ideias and making them available freely for anyone and everyone. After all It doesn't need to be BIG to be a outstanding idea and project.

what you get

  • A free place to host your project with similar vision for how the world can work better tomorrow and who knows start a new business for yourself
  • Free expert advice on project growth and developent (as a proof of concept for instance)

what is requested

  • Your expertise in some area and availability to teach and give advisory
  • If you are a coder, some of your time to collaborate on any of the projects

Iinterested? on contribute with your time and knowledge on any of the projects or want to develop your project idea. Get in touch. Contacts are above.

This website is frequently being updated. If you find a #bug or any error let us know and earn minutes of our time! to be dedicated to you or your enterprise.