How can you benefit your micro or small enterprise (MSE)

Digital transformation is improving business performance, driving product strategies, and enabling innovation – all while creating competitive advantages to enhance revenue. Far from a straightforward business necessity, IT presents opportunities to make businesses operate more efficiently while keeping up with latest technologial trends and developments.

Micro and small businesses must move beyond traditional door to door business operations and move towards digital commerce taking advantage of internet's broader potential clients and at the same time attending local clients needs with improved acessiblility, while making available customization options tailored to their specific needs.


As a business technology developer, AeonLabs makes all executive decisions concerning the technological interests of the entreprise. Is responsible for outlining the company's technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company's business needs.


  • Setting a vision for how technology will be used in the entreprise.
  • Ensuring that technological resources meet the company's short and long-term needs.
  • Outline the goals for research and development.
  • Creating timelines for the development and deployment of all technological services.
  • Making executive decisions on behalf of the company's technological requirements.
  • Acting as a mentor to business employees and staff members.
  • Managing technology budgets and time frames.
  • Staying on top of technology trends and developments.
  • Ensuring all technology practices adhere to regulatory standards.


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Current businesses Aeonlabs is involved on moving forward with technology "4.0" and also technology "5.0"

Startup Business for remote logistics services company

Small company located near Matosinhos - Porto


AeonLabs is involved on creation of a startup business company in the logistics sector. The main focus of activity is providing remote logistics services for companies and enterprises in any sector or industry who are looking for outsource logistics tasks by providing technology solutions for their day to day business operations. Services include, for instance:

  • Managing of HR
  • Management of stocks, materials and equipments and handle orders from suppliers
  • Planning of work tasks for teams among
  • ....

Current status of deployment

  • Consulting expertise on writing a business plan
  • Advisory on how to submit a business plan to local national funding
  • Start an online presence on the internet and setting up a cloud based online logistics platform..
  • Draw initial startegy on how to contact possible clients


Development methodology: Business Process Improvement & AGILE
Built on: Android Studio, PHP 7+, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL 5+, AES encryption, REST


drug store "Drogaria do Amial"

micro entreprise located in Porto-Portugal


Drogaria do amial is a small drug store located in Porto - Portugal who's clientele is composed in majority by local residents or neighbours living nearby, no far way than a 25 min walk from the store. Over the years has maintained a steady business and know is looking for to reach his clients using current technologies and tools and implement a instant buy and delivery service to the client's door..

Current status of deployment

  • Expanding business to the internet and setting up a cloud based online e-commerce platform.
  • Building a product catalog list
  • SEO optimization
  • Planning of monthly online advetising schedule
  • Write a business market study report and advise on price scheme and considerations to operate on the internet and highlighting differences between open door business and online shopping.

On the pipeline

  • Use of everyday mobile apps and social networks to expand the client base
  • Enable online payments using Paypal App and also MB Way App

Development methodology: Business Technology Transformation


Quality construction is a startup business in the construction sector focused on steel, formwork and concrete works.


  • Eliminated errors on logging attendance of workers count at each construction site
  • Lowered from 400% to 15% the total unpaid hours on works on unscheduled tasks
  • Increased invoice revenue in 5% of the total amount subcontracted by adding metrics control on monthly works with logging of delivery notes quantities of building materials delivered at the construction site
  • Reduced significantly communication problems between worker teams, site engineers and office personnel with implementation of a chat App with photos and file sharing
  • Enabled logging of daily metrics of works done by workers. Previously a task only done by the subcontractor.

On the pipeline

Started implementation of logging work activities at the construction site:

  • Works done by individual workers (production)

  • Stock management of construction site consumables and building materials

  • Stock management of tools, machinery, clothing and protection equipment

Development methodology: Business Process Improvement & AGILE
Built on: Android Studio, .NET, PHP 7+, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL 5+, AES encryption, cloud based REST API

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